Are you ready to Come Home?


In order to thrive, we must find safety, security and peace in our bodies, minds and spirits. This is the journey of healing and Homecoming. It is a returning to oneself and a reclamation of all the potential inside you that’s been buried by years of stress, heartbreak, loss and traumatic experiences which have left you feeling lost, confused, numb and out of touch with who you are. 

As an embodiment practitioner, it’s my goal to walk you through the process of integrating your physical, mental and emotional bodies into one healthy, whole human so you can flourish in the way you were always meant to. 

In order to do this, we work to connect, embrace, hold space for, lean into and listen to the discomfort of the pain, shame and fear which live in our bodies and keep us bound to the avoidance strategies that are so destructive to our lives. Addictions, distractions, workaholism, emotional outbursts, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, body image issues, relationship problems, eating disorders, crisis, chaos, chronic health problems and more. In other words, to heal, we must feel. It’s not always comfortable or easy, but on the other side of our work is freedom. For we are only free when we no longer need to avoid our pain, but can live happily in a world where we are comfortable within its discomfort.

The safe, secure, whole version of you you’ve dreamed about for so long is there within you, residing under the layers, waiting to welcome you back.

It’s time to Come Home.



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My Story

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