GEt Your Groove Back! 

Join my 12-Session, private coaching program to guide you on your journey from utter exhaustion, emotional burnout and never-ending stress to unimaginable happiness, vibrant health and loving self-confidence. 


What are the ways that stress if affecting YOUR life? 


  • Do you often feel like you just "can't turn your brain off," or like when you lay down to sleep there's an annoying radio voice playing worrisome and overwhelming thoughts in your head?
  • Do you boil over or unexpectedly snap at your loved ones without even understanding where or why those feelings of irritation came from? And do changes in plans, even ones that don't really matter, throw you into meltdown mode? 
  • Are you tired of seeing that spare tire around your midsection but simultaneously feeling guilty for not accepting your body and feeling more self-love?
  • Do you wake up feeling lean and light, but by the end of the day feel bloated, puffy and heavy, and sometimes even skip meals, just to feel more energetic and clear? 
  • Do you often find yourself conjuring up worst case scenarios about your life even though half of them never happen and feel like everyone is giving you weird or bitchy vibes? Do you feel like most people are either going to hurt or disappoint you and that sometimes relationships are more work than they're worth?
  • Do you feel achy and exhausted by the end of the day and CRAVE sugar like your life depended on it despite your repeated attempts 'get back on track' and eat healthier? 
  • Are there times when you'd rather throw on your pajamas and hide under the covers with a bottle of wine and some chocolate than deal with one more person or one more event on your to-do list? 
  • Speaking of to-do lists... Is yours ever-growing and never-ending? Are there times when you feel absolutely paralyzed by the overwhelming amount of things you want or need to accomplish and your inability to get it all done? 
  • Is brain-fog a constant source of frustration for you or do you find yourself feeling extra scattered and unable to focus? 
  • Lastly, do you feel like even when you do all the right things and eat all the right foods, you still don't feel normal, relaxed or very happy? 


I get it ... I was once there too, and it was horrible. 


I used to experience all of these issues and more. In fact, I often felt crushed, depleted and completely drained by life and would escape through food (primarily sugar binges), alcohol, partying, needless drama, busy-ness, over-exercising and obsessive tendencies. I'd have done almost anything to avoid my feelings of anxiety and was totally dependent on anti-anxiety drugs to just "get through the day," without a panic attack. Even though I didn't look or act like an addict on the outside, on the inside I was holding on by a thread, always searching outside of myself for a way to take the edge off. I was needy in my relationships, insecure with my body, sick for weeks and weeks at a time, literally shaking on the inside and had neurotic, anxious and fearful thoughts swirling around my head 24/7. I'd cry at the drop of a hat, find reasons why things weren't going to work out and felt utterly helpless and at the mercy of my brain chemistry. I didn't even get relief when I would sleep because my jaw would clench so tight I'd wake up sore, and I'd have nightmares that would wake me up drenched in sweat and crying. In a sentence, I was a mess, and it took a full on emotional breakdown for me to finally make the much needed changes my body and mind were craving. 

You see, for most of my life I've known that there was this amazing, beautiful, intelligent and powerful soul residing in me, but couldn't seem to get past my own limiting beliefs and fearful blocks to let her out! I'm willing to bet that as you're reading this, your inner child is shouting "ME TOO!" and that's because each and every one of us really is full of love, light and laughter at our core, but are bogged down by the pressures of daily life, toxic foods our bodies can't process and a never-ending exposure to environmental chemicals that keep us stuck in unhealthy darkness, unable to shine. 

Luckily, I not only figured out exactly what my body, mind and spirit needed to recover, but I've been helping other women in the same shoes do the same ever since.... 



12 Weeks of Private Coaching to Transform Your Health, Happiness and Mindset!

During our time together, you'll learn exactly how to: 

  • Eat intuitively and determine which foods support YOUR body chemistry - no more hyper-restrictive, calorie-deficit starvation diets!
  • Get crystal clear around WHY you have each and every one of your symptoms, (from the slightly annoying to the utterly painful), by nailing down the root cause and strengthening the entire system.
  • Incorporate stress reducing practices to instantly soothe your nervous system and calm your brain so you can not only think and speak clearly, but also tackle your to do list with ease and delight. 
  • Balance your blood sugar so you can avoid those 3pm slumps (the ones where you completely derail your diet with an extra large latte and a chocolate candy bar) and jump out of bed in the mornings with tons of energy and clarity! 
  • Eat in a way that completely banishes bloating, gas and other digestive issues so you can quit worrying about your painful pooch, and instead enjoy time spent with friends and family on vacation, out to eat or in that super cute bikini you just bought! 
  • Discover which limiting, fear-based beliefs are holding you back from experiencing all the joy, happiness and peace of mind you've been desperately craving and how to let go of anxious, worried thoughts that no longer serve you or your loved ones. 
  • Rewire your responses to stress, overwhelm and anxiety so that you no longer describe yourself as "a neurotic, uptight" person and instead turn into that calm, chilled out version of yourself you've always known existed inside. 

And last but most importantly ....

  • Finally understand and truly embody self-love and self-compassion, so you can let go of feelings of unworthiness, doubt and shame and live courageously with confidence in you and your body. 

I get it. Making changes or diving into a program can be scary, especially if you've tried tons of other pills, diets, supplement or protocols only to end up right back where you started. If all you've ever known is stress, anxiety and fear, the jumping into new shoes of the unknown can almost feel worse than staying where you are. But, something inside you is also begging for a change, which is why you're here, on this page, being led down this path of healing and wellness. It's time to let YOUR inner light shine. It's time to lean into trust and faith (words we all hate, right?) and away from doubt, insecurity and disbelief. Your mind IS powerful. In fact, it's so powerful that its been working to protect you all these years by looking for every possible reason life could go wrong and steering you away from those experiences. But that's not freedom. That's not true living. Only when we can learn to face and surrender to our fears are we truly free to live the life we've always dreamed of and regain our clarity and peace of mind. One of my favorite quotes in the world goes like this:

"I love the woman I am because I fought to become her."

Now it's your turn to fight for the life you want. 

What Can I Expect? 

  • One 90-minute intake session where we outline and map out a detailed plan for the weeks ahead based on your personalized Nutritional Assessment. 
  • 12 follow up sessions done via Skype or phone call to gently guide you in making small, manageable changes throughout the week for an overall transformative experience. These include recommendations in areas of: nutrition, sleep, exercise, mindset/beliefs and social connection. 
  • Personalized supplement and dietary recommendations based on your assessment. 
  • A 10% discount on supplements ordered through professional, neutraceutical-grade companies. 
  • Anytime text or email support throughout the week as you navigate your "homework."


How will I know if the program is right for me? 

  • Set up a FREE consultation! I'm more than happy to hop on the phone or Skype to discuss if the program will be a good fit for you. The client-practitioner relationship is incredibly important to the success of the program, so establishing a good connection is a high priority in my practice. If for some reason the program doesn't feel right, you can leave the call without any obligations and some possible referrals for practitioners that may specialize in what you're experiencing.  


What is the cost? 

  • The full program value is 1500.00 with available payment plans if desired. A 5% discount will be given for payments made in full. 


How do I sign up? 

  • I begin all my consultations and programs by having you fill out an application first. This helps me determine whether or not you'd be a good fit for the program specifics and helps you get clear on the reasons you are looking for the guidance of a coach. After that, I'll shoot you an email and we can schedule your consultation! You can find the application link below. Piece of cake! 



I'm so thrilled you found my page and want you to know from the bottom of my heart that healing IS possible. While I can't make the changes for you, I am confident that will some gentle fine tuning and patient consistency, you WILL see a transformative change take place in your life and once again, or maybe for the first time, find peace, love, heath and happiness. 

Looking forward to meeting you...