Client Experiences 

I found Syanna's website after struggling with fatigue, stress, and digestive issues.  After having five babies, I just couldn't seem to bounce back no matter how many things I tried.   I knew a holistic and diet based approach was what I needed.  After going through one session with Syanna, I already knew I was getting answers.  She knows her stuff, she takes the time to really listen and research what her client needs and understands on such a deep level how the body systems, and what we put into our diet, minds and even hearts can affect our health.  After 12 weeks, I'm seeing my health much more improved, but I also came away with a deeper understanding of how to listen to my own body and use the tools Syanna gave me to continue improving my mental, physical and even spiritual health for the better.  I have increasingly less and less anxiety,  more energy and found out what foods help my body repair and regenerate.  I also love the tallow based moisturizer she helped develop.  It's done wonders for my skin texture and clarity in healing.   I'm so very grateful! 

Allison B. 



"I have been working one-on-one with Syanna for a little over a month now and I have to say, she is the most down-to-earth, caring, thoughtful practitioner I have ever worked with—and I’ve worked with a lot! I myself have been in the health and fitness business for about six years but still had a lot of issues that needed to be addressed- mainly having to do with my digestion, past eating disorders, and stress levels. After talking to a few other coaches and practitioners and trying to work on myself, I turned to Syanna to see if she could approach my issues from a different angle or to see if she could catch something that I wasn’t, and she did. She actually lessened the amount of supplements I was already taking, added in some mindset and stress reducing “homework” for me, and was there for me every step of the way- and still is. She listened to me and I could tell she truly cared about what I was saying. She made me feel like my issues were really important and made it clear that she wouldn’t stop helping me until I was healed and felt my best. She also NEVER rushed me through anything, which was a problem with a lot of other practitioners and functional medicine doctors I’ve worked with. While I’m still not 100% healed, I know I can trust Syanna to stick by me and guide me while I get there. She is extremely smart, patient, and kind and I highly recommend working with her in any way you can!"

 -Melanie M. 



"When I first contacted Syanna, I had already been doing A TON of research on my own about digestion and hormonal issues. I came to her because I had done everything I could think of and my issues were still not resolved. As many of us know, this can be extremely frustrating! Asking for help from a health practitioner can be intimidating and a little scary at first, but I promise you it is worth it! Syanna really looks at the whole picture when addressing any issues that you may be having. She takes the time to listen to and honor your concerns before evaluating the situation and explains things in an empowering and educational way. The protocol(s) that Syanna and I implemented during our time together were thoughtfully laid out and described in great detail during our phone, text, and email follow ups. Syanna always answered my questions in a timely manner- and trust me, I had lots of them! At the end of my 6-session package I was so sad but knew that the work that we had accomplished was just what I needed and the relationship we established would be everlasting. We worked on SO much more than the issues that I came to her for and that, in my opinion, is a quality of a truly compassionate and knowledgable practitioner. Syanna addressed the mind-body connection and helped me to think outside of the box when it came to the issues that I was dealing with. Through working with her, I have gained confidence and trust in my body and my gut instincts about what it needs. If you have the opportunity to connect with her in any way, shape, or form, I highly recommend doing so!"

-Brooke P. 



"My personal research and experience has proven that there are many opposing opinions out there on nutrition, fitness and overall health. That in itself has given me hesitation over the years to put my trust in anyone else concerning my body. As Syanna has analyzed my habits, written meal plans for me, answered my questions, and given me guidance in my own path to better overall health, she has been nothing short of completely thorough.  She believed in me to trust my own body and listen to it, and her repeated reference to intuitive experience has been empowering. Syanna's support has helped me build some really wonderful lifelong habits and given me the confidence to trust my body and the inspiration to love myself enough to fuel my body with real foods!  My entire family has benefited from the changes in our eating habits!  Syanna has a deep respect for and understanding of the human body. She is attentive and passionate about her clients and anyone who has the privilege of working with her will be better for the experience."

- Britney P.