What is Nutritional Therapy and How Can It Benefit Me? 


Does this sound familiar? 


You lay in bed for hours (sometimes awake all night) and wonder why, despite not being able to put your finger on it, you feel like there’s got to be more to your life than this. More joy, more happiness, more freedom, more health, more vitality, just more.

Your mind races with possibilities and dreams of what you could be doing if only… but come morning, you feel too exhausted, and frankly unsure, of how or where to even begin. So you go about your day feeling the stress of not living up to your fullest potential, but also the fear of jumping in to a brand new life with no direction.

You see therapists, cry to your friends, complain to your mother, read self-help books and search and search and search .. Yet, just when you think you’ve found "The Thing", the thing that will solve all your problems - the diet that will finally get you to your ideal weight, the exercise routine that will finally tone your flabby underarms, the healer that will finally clear up all your childhood wounds, the creative mastermind that will finally lead you to your dream job – another issue arises and you’re back at square one. You know deep in you’re heart you’re meant for great things, and so you can’t understand why your life isn’t working out the way you planned.

Perhaps it’s a health crisis, a constant myriad of fatigue, digestive upsets and hormonal imbalances… Maybe it’s relationship break downs, one argument and fight after another, with not one, but several people in your life who are supposed to be there for you unconditionally... Or maybe you’re just caught up in a never-ending stream of bad days that make you feel like your head might explode and leaves your hands shaking by the end of the day…

Whatever the reason, there’s always something holding you back, keeping you stuck in the same old patterns and making it so you can never quite get to where you want to be. And so, in the silence of your own mind, you wonder, with more fear in your heart than you can admit, if true happiness is a myth and if life really is just meant to be hard?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not. That you can say goodbye those fears, feelings of unworthiness and trepidation about life, and that yes, on the other side of that is a life that you would consider truly happy, truly free and truly yours.

I've Been There Too ... 

You see, not only was this girl also me at one point, but I know and have helped countless women stuck in the same cycle to release this type of fear-based living and lean into a life full of love, compassion, purpose and passion. Best of all, as they release their fears and learn to trust in loving, universal forces, they also heal, once and for all, their relationships to food, exercise, sleep, work, friends, family and most of all themselves, in order to embody a their authentic definition of “having it all.”

You see, I remember oh-so -clearly, what it felt like to be stuck in the middle of not only a major health crisis but also a complete mental breakdown, long-term relationship break-up, overwhelming financial debt, confusion about my life path and endless anxiety and worry. In fact, my panic attacks were so bad, I frequently landed myself in the hospital, had my therapist on speed dial and was dependent on anti-anxiety and depression meds for eight years. Yes, eight whole years of relying on pills to take the edge off and cover up the fact that I was not in any way, shape or form living a life that was aligned with my desires, nor did I ever once feel comfortable in my own skin. I was numb, disconnected and desperate for love, but continued to search outside of myself for something to make it all better. Something that would lead me to my “oasis” in the sun, not realizing it was within me all along.

If this is how you’ve been feeling for quite some time now, I’ve got the absolute best news for you. You are on the path to what I call an Awakening where you finally get to pull off the mask, let go of the façade you’ve created around yourself and step into the life you were always meant to live. A life that finally feels like yours.


It's Time to Lean Into Love 

As a CNTP and Mindset Coach, it is my mission to gently lead women down the path of personal transformation as they reconnect to their highest, and most authentic, selves. I know that the path of transformation can feel overwhelming at times, and that it’s possible to feel alone, and sometimes afraid, out there in the desert between where you’ve been and where you want to go. For this reason, I feel beyond passionate about helping women navigate this process and about offering not only a practical blueprint for change, but also loving, compassionate coaching on how to weather the obstacles and growth periods as they come.

Using a blend of dietary strategies, mindset mastery exercises and lots of self-love practices, I teach women how to let go of old beliefs, habits and patterns that no longer serve them, tune out the noise of information overload and step into living a heart-centered, intuitive life that allows them to feel vital, alive and free.

By using a therapeutic approach to eating, we fuel your body with vibrant foods so you can have the necessary energy and vitality to do the deep, inner work. We also take a look at your exercise levels and intensity, sleep routines and supplement needs. Then, once your physical needs have been met, and you’re feeling energized, revitalized and replenished, we dive into the emotional, behavioral and spiritual aspects of healing in order to facilitate long-term change with ease and grace.

If you’ve been stuck wondering how you’ll find your happiness in a world where everyone is telling you what to be and how to be it, it’s time to step out of the chaos and into the flow, where the only voice that matters is your own and joy is your ultimate goal each and every day.