Amy Hunt: How Essential Oils Helped Balance My Family Again

Hey guys! I’m super excited to announce my first guest post blogger today. She is a personal friend of mine, as well as a reputable essential oil consultant and is here to tell us a little more about how we can use essential oils and how they have helped her own family to begin their healing journey. I love to incorporate essential oils (I use Doterra, but there are many wonderful brands available) into my daily health routines, and know that while many people are curious, they just don’t have enough information to know whether or not they would be a good fit. So, without further ado, here is Amy to tell us a little more about nature’s natural solutions …


Hello there. Today, I want to talk a little bit about the basics of essential oils, as well as how they have played a role in my own family’s health and vitality. As we pay more careful attention to what we are eating, we notice that we begin to feel healthier and more alive!

While our daily eating habits are no doubt foundational to our overall health and wellness, many of us find ourselves seeking additional support for seasonal threats, illness and mood. Taking the time and energy to eat with precision and care, and then using synthetic chemicals to combat threats to our health, seems intuitively counter-productive and can leave one looking for more natural forms of health care. Similar feelings can occur as we decide to rid our lives of harmful chemicals including those found in our cleaning, health and beauty products. These incongruent feelings of eating real, nutrient-containing foods but living in a world laced with dangerous and damaging additives and chemicals lead can lead us to more natural, plant-based solutions.

Our family began our crusade toward these natural solutions when our daughter was in second grade. Our once happy, bright and care-free daughter began to be irritable, moody, unfocused, and, for the first time in her life, struggled in school. Wanting to give our child the absolute best, we took her to our trusted pediatrician. This led to a series of trial and error prescriptions. She had gone from a child to a lab rat in no time and was experiencing harsh side effects. In trying to help her, it seemed we were doing more harm than good. It was at this point that we abandoned all prescription drugs and I began my frantic search to support her naturally. It was a timely miracle when an old roommate from college called unexpectedly. Her children had similar symptoms, but she had not used western medicine to treat them and they were doing wonderfully. Instead, she used Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade essential oils along with a healthy eating regimen to support them. They were thriving! I wanted to know more. I devoured articles on the internet and was fascinated that the primary goal of western medicine is to treat symptoms after they occur while eastern medicine uses doctors to prevent problems and maintain a healthy body all of the time.  Now, I am not suggesting that there is no place for conventional doctors or that we should never use western medicine again. However, what I am saying is that for those who feel like chemicals are overused and abused in “caring” for our bodies, there is hope!

Essential oils, which are natural compounds extracted and distilled from plants, have provided safe and healthy benefits for thousands of years. These oils work at a cellular level combating threats without building up resistance. Their molecular design is recognized by our bodies and is used for optimal support. Each oil has a different chemical combination and every cell has the ability to “call for help” when needed elements are absent. Essential oils have natural abilities to respond to each cell in need without depleting the body’s resources. This ability is seen in the oil’s ability to permeate the cell walls, pass through the blood-brain barrier, work without side effects, and support our bodies against seasonal and environmental threats. 

Just as many acknowledge organic, locally-grown foods as those that provide our body optimal benefits, Certified Pure Therapeutic-grade oils are the safest oils for absorption and consumption. They are free of fillers, pesticides and contaminants and their potency and effectiveness increase because they are grown indigenously.

Our journey began with our daughter four years ago. We continue to use oils for physical and emotional support and they have become a part of our lifestyle.

Today, I would like to highlight three of the most versatile oils that we use daily with our family and that are a great jumping off point for anyone who is looking to begin implementation.



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