My Story and Work


Syanna Wand, NTP and Holistic Healing Practitioner

Hi there! My name is Syanna (you can call me Sy), and I’m a Mind-Body Practitioner who is both a student and a teacher of embodiment work, the homecoming journey and emotional resiliency. What does this mean? It means that I teach people how to return to the truest, healthiest and most authentic version of themselves that existed before they put layers and layers of armor on to protect themselves from the pains of life’s difficult experiences such as childhood wounds, chronic stress, heartbreak, loss and trauma.

When the body, mind and spirit are operating in disjointed and disconnected ways, we get physical symptoms we can’t figure out, life crisis’ that repeat themselves over and over again, patterns, habits and addictions we can’t break, a lack of self-love and acceptance and have trouble figuring out where we’re going or why we’re here. Through reconnecting to our body and spirit and learning to observe and direct the mind, we remember who we are and what our potential is and are no longer cut off from the innate goodness that allows us to feel happy, joyful, present and satisfied with ourselves and our lives. 

In other words, when we no longer need to run from our pain and wounding, what we find is a kind of freedom that surpasses a life without pain, because it allows us to find joy, love, connection and compassion not in spite of - but inside of - life’s difficult moments.

When I was in my late twenties, I went through an immense breakdown/awakening where my physical, mental and emotional health all fell apart at the same time. I spent thousands of dollars seeing doctors and specialists trying to figure out what was wrong with me, why I couldn’t seem to cope with daily life anymore and why I felt crazy and full of so much anxiety I could barely leave the house. My physical symptoms included everything from dizziness and feeling off balance all the time to sleep disturbances to near-constant body aches and everything in between. You can read more about that story here, but suffice it to say, I was a mess. In fact, there were several times I considered going back to heavy pharmaceutical medications to ease the suffering, but something in me pressed on, knowing I was meant for more than anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds my entire life. That there was richness and wholeness I wasn’t accessing, but could find if I kept looking. 

So, I took matters into my own hands, and through countless hours of studying, several functional and holistic healing courses, hundreds of hours in meditation practice, reading through research papers and books on the subject of healing, I found my way to embodied healing and somatic processing and absolutely love the work I do with my clients all over the world. 

In my work, I believe that the true health and freedom we crave present themselves when we align body, mind and soul and return to the instinctual, intuitive wisdom that exists within us to guide us on our life journey. Through returning to ourselves and the sense of safety, security and love that come with being Home, we are able to open to life and live fully. 

I’m so honored to have you here exploring my work and the site. If you have questions or just want to say hello, please feel free to contact me under the Contact tab of my site . Otherwise, stay awhile and catch up on some of my latest blog posts here or take a moment to read some of the testimonials from clients just like you who took a deep breath and began their own Homecoming journey. I’m so glad to have you here! Sending love...